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Which newborn session to choose?

Well, only you can decide.
But let me help you a little in some easy steps!

Look at the three images below. Which one do you love the most?

If you picked the first one, that's an example of a SWADDLED image.
Baby is nice and cosy, all wrapped up like a little ball of happiness 🤍

The one on the right is LIFESTYLE. Very minimal posing, very minimal props.

And the middle one is what you can expect if you book the FULL EXPERIENCE.

That, and much more!
The full experience includes those cute wrapped up images, as well as all the sweet sleepy ones you can see below.

Full newborn session example collage

If you're not keen of these poses, and prefer baby being wrapped up, or in it's own clothes, that's absolutely fine!
But please, don't pick another option just because it's cheaper.
I am more than happy to set up a payment plan, or find a way so you can have the images you dreamed of!


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