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Ding ding ding, it's AWARDS DAY!

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Of course my main aim is to provide forever lasting memories for my clients, but it feels good to have some positive feedback from professional bodies as well. Sometimes, when i am proud of an image, i enter them into competitions. Sometimes, when life gets busy and i miss the deadlines, i enter two or three months worth of images at once 😅🙈

This is what has happened in October. A few hours short before the entries closed i have pulled a selection of photos and sent them in to The Guild of Photographers monthly image competition. The results came back today, and i am proud to say that not one, but EIGHT of my images received a Bronze Award! I am absolutely thrilled that my work is not only meets the national standard, but even reaches above and it's worth recognition! If you want to see the eight photographs what scored high enough on the judging table, take a look at the gallery bellow ☺️ Happy browsing, Fru x

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