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The Father Christmas Experience is hands down my most popular Christmas session every year and gets booked up pretty quick.
Last year I had to turn people down who tried to book last minute but there were no available slots left 😢
To avoid this happening again, and giving everyone who missed it - or loved it and wants to do it again this year - a chance to secure your time slot nice and early, I will be opening up pre-bookings for 2024's Santa sessions!

Dates will be announced on my social media platforms this Sunday,
February 11th 2024.

Those who sign up below will get a chance to book their time slot a day early!

Your time slot includes a 15 minutes private meeting with Father Christmas and a little gift from the Elves of the North Pole 🎁
Photographs will need to be purchased separately, pricing will be very similar to last year's.



So, are you happy to wait until it goes live on my page this Sunday, or do you want to be amongst the first people to book on Saturday?



Thanks for subscribing!

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