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Newborn Safety and Posing training

Everything you need to know about newborn photography

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Join me for a full day of learning, fun and baby cuddles 💞

My 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 training sessions starts early (about 9AM) and cover EVERYTHING I usually do on a day of a newborn session, from getting the studio ready, all the way through the editing of some of the images from the day.
Nothing stays hidden, you can fire away any question you have and we can go over certain things as many times as necessary!
We will have two newborn models with a little break in between.
Also, lunch is on me! I hope you like Pizza 😉

Things we will cover:

  • Posing - Prop and blanket poses
    HOW to do each pose and WHY

  • Safety - how to make sure baby is safe at ALL TIMES

  • Transitioning from pose to pose

  • Angles

  • Lighting

  • Styling

  • Settling techniques

  • Post processing


Each training session is unique and is designed around your goals.

We can either go over my usual session flow and cover all sorts of poses I usually do for a client's gallery, or we can focus on certain things you'd like to learn more about / improve.

We can start with the absolute basics if you are at the very beginning of your newborn photography journey, or can skip those and jump straight to that one thing you doesn't seem to get right doesn't matter how hard you try.
Just let me know in your booking form ☺️

Training prices are:

£599 for a 1-2-1 day
£499pp for a 2-2-1 day
£399pp for a small group (maximum 5 people)

You can also opt for a DELUXE option, which is a two days course for an extra £300. *Does not apply for a group workshop
That way I will show you everything as usual on the first day, then I will assist you and guide you on the second day, when YOU will be posing baby!


Sounds good? Get in touch and let's arrange a date 😉

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