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All about that wrap!


Do you want to learn some cool wrapping techniques?

Maybe master that perfectly round potato look?
How about achieving 5 different wrapped setups

in just ONE HOUR?
Then this training is PERFECT for You!


What will be covered:

  • SAFETY! - How to make sure baby is safe at ALL TIMES

  • How to choose the right materials

  • My usual base wrap

  • The perfect potato

  • 5 different wrapping styles

  • Maximizing your wrapped workflow

  • Wrapping for props, table/bean bag and composites

  • Angles, lighting and camera settings


The All about that WRAP! training can be booked as a 1-2-1 or a small group class, can be held at my studio in Newport or I can travel to you as long as my expenses are covered.
Please message me to discuss availability!

wrapping Training prices

£499 for a 1-2-1 day

Two models, one for me and one for you!




£399pp for a group workshop
One little model, and you will be asked to bring a teddy 😅



Are you ready to jump in and start wrapping?
Pop me a message and we'll get you booked in! 😉

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