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Christmas is coming!

I know, i know! It is still summer, and most of you don't even want to think about the cold winter days. Believe me, i am not a fan of the cold either! But can you believe that there is only 19 weeks until Christmas?! 😱 Kids go back to school in 3 weeks, days gets a bit more quiet, and before we realise the cloudy autumn will turn into chilly winter 🥶 So here is am, drinking my ice cold lemonade and planning this year's Christmas mini sessions... Last time they were sold out within a few days, so i've added FOUR dates as a start to prevent disappointment.

If you like to get things sorted early, you can go ahead and book your slot already! Simply follow this link, pick your preferred date and let me know the time you'd like to reserve. ** For some reason the system will only let you pick 10am, but sessions will run all day, so just leave a note about your preferred time! Is the setup will be the same? NO! It will not! I am still searching for the perfect backdrop so noting has been confirmed yet, but it's most likely will be an indoor set, i will have a cute little bed, some presents, fairy lights, and hopefully lots of smiles :D Here are some of my favourites from last year, and i will post about the new set very soon! Looking forward to seeing many of you in October ❤️

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