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Professional images VS Phone photos

Have you ever wondered if it's worth to pay a professional photographer to take pictures of your baby? Do you have a new smart phone or a fancy camera and you feel you are able to produce good quality images? Do you have a photo editor app so you can make your images look "photoshopped"?

Well, smart phones are great! They re always in hand and quick enough to snap a lovely moment. I have tons of photos of my children on my phone. Do i love those photos? Yes, of course! Would i print them? Probably not!

Fancy cameras are great too! If you know how to use them. If you use yours in auto mode, it wont give you much more than a cheaper compact version.

Photography is way much more that clicking a button!

It is passion.

It is a vision.

It is planning, before and during the session.

It is knowledge of the equipment, the image processing softwares, the lighting, the angles, the poses and - especially with newborns and babies - safety!

It is creating something beautiful. Something what can be treasured for life.

During my last newborn session mum asked if she can take some quick snaps on her phone, i said yes, only if she can send me those photos so i can write this post 😄 She agreed 😃

So, here you go folks. Baby posed by me, photo credit Mum and Captured Magic Photography. Enjoy 😊

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