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The froggy pose - How?

This is a very divisive pose, some people love it, some hate is. I used to belong to the second group as i felt this pose looks really unnatural and can't be comfortable for baby, until someone explained to me that it is actually the burping position. You hold baby in the exact same position when you put them on your lap to burp after a feed, tilting their body slightly forward and supporting their heads, the only difference is the position of their hands. Many new parents coming to my studio saying they LOVE the froggy pose, but they wonder how baby can stay in that position? The answer is simple. THEY CAN'T! It is a composite of two images where baby is supported all the time.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that babies have no control of their neck muscles and letting their head flop to any direction can cause great harm or even permanent damage! So please make sure you find a trained newborn photographer who has the knowledge about newborn safety and also the skill to use Photoshop and be able to mask the two images together. And please, DO NOT TRY THIS POSE AT HOME! Here is a short video of how i edited this image from start to finish. Enjoy :)

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