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Your camera takes really good photos!

Ohh, we photographers just LOVE when people say thing like - "Your camera takes really good photos!" or "Your pictures are really good, you must have a fancy camera!" Yes, having high quality equipment is essential but photography is way more than having a fancy camera and taking photos with it. You don't become an amazing chef just because you have an expensive saucepan and some spices. You need to learn how to use it! In photography you need to learn how to use your equipment to express your vision. A photography is - or at least should be - much more than a result of a click of a button. It is your camera settings, the position of your subject, a little play with the light, the angle you shoot from and many many times the photographers own, unique way to edit the raw files. RAW file. They're called RAW files because they are not yet processed and therefore are not ready to be printed. The image processing can be just a simple conversion to create a printable and readable jpeg, or can go a little further. And these, these further steps are how an image can reach it's full potential. This is where the photographer's vision comes to life. Yes, good cameras takes good pictures. But they don't create a piece of art. The photographer does! Here are some before and afters.

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